Millenium Edition

Posted by Mark Pasqualini on May 31 2001 at 05:00PM PDT in 2018 Season
During the 2000 season the BRFL expanded to 5 five teams. The competitive balance between teams was outstanding. Most games were decided within the last 5 plays of the game. The players association felt that the balance in games was due to the players handling all the quarterback duties this year. If you ask the owners though, they'll tell you it was the revenue sharing program that allowed all the teams to have a fair shot at signing the big contract players. If you ask the league commissioners they'll tell you that is was the influx of exceptional young talent. In any case, the Titans opened the season in last place, but finished in a flurry with teamwork and outstanding defense. The Titans held off the Bengals in the league championship and brought home the 3rd Annual Turkey Bowl title.


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